Music For Healing PTSD

Gary Nicholson the song “Choose Love”

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Military Veterans letters to Ray Lynch

   Ray Lynch is a multi-platinum selling composer and producer who is also considered one of the early iconic pioneers of inspirational instrumental music.  Ray is a classically trained composer and producer who began as a classical guitarist and lutenist.  He has won 3 Billboard Awards, written five albums (which included the renown “The Sky of Mind”, “No Blue Thing”, Nothing Above My Shoulders but the Evening” and “Deep Breakfast”), and sold over 2 million albums without the benefit of live performances or videos. His second album Deep Breakfast  became a classic and the first independently released album to be certified Gold and then later Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (R.I.A.A.).

For more than a decade Ray has been fully engrossed in the passion of writing a book which explored the relationship of mathematics, music and Pythagorean tuning theory.   The book also explores ancient cosmology and mythology, the nature of number, metrology, geodesy, the mathematical constants of physics, human spirituality, the precession of the equinoxes, human prehistory, and the meaning of what we call “history.”

Bosnia Battlefields – Music Helps Heals War

 The Durgas, a global world-music rock band, goes directly into the front-lines of battlefields to play music for peace during the UN reconciliation process in Mitrovica Kosovo / Bosnia.  Band founders Benji and Christopher Simmerback tell of their direct experience in playing music in the battlefields.

Part II.  The Albanians and Serb soldiers all together in one room for the first time ever for a peace concert in Mitrovica, Kosovo. What Happens?

Understanding Music’s Power and the “Word” (which means “Primary Harmony”) was made Flesh and Full of Grace.


– The Yoga of Music: How and Why Music Affects

Consciousness and Spiritual Awareness

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