About SupportVetsNow.org

About SupportVetsNow.org

Who We Are

SupportVetsNow.org is a California registered a non-profit organization (EIN # 46-0714340) in 501c3 pending status with the IRS.

Our Steering Committee and Advisory Board consist of the world’s top experts and thought leaders in addressing the healing process of PTSD and the honoring rite of passage back into society of our returning Veterans.

What We Understand

Our nation has reached a critical point in serving and supporting our returning Soldiers and Veterans. Our organization believes it is imperative to address and support our returning brave young men and women in a comprehensive, thoughtful and holistic manner.   As U.S. military personnel are increasingly withdrawn from Afghanistan, Iraq (and other centers of engagement)  and leave active duty, tens of thousands of our citizens are now being faced with the challenges of re-integrating into the civilian society in a matter that effectively empowers them heal themselves, reconnect safely with their families and communities, and transition into meaningful civilian employment. Many of our Vets will have been deployed on multiple tours of duty.  They are finally returning home and deserve the very best of our support.

The experience of war in distant countries always affects participants. Some will return with suffering from injuries, physical or psychological. All will have been separated from family and community for extensive periods. They may also have left former civilian employment behind while in the service. Returning to civilian life and being able to successfully integrate into civilian social, family and economic life presents many challenges. Today’s employers are the first generation to generally have not had any military experience and who are ignorant of what that entails. Sadly, the evidence is growing that a significant number of the homeless in our major cities are former Vets. We must do a better.  The approach of SupportVetsNow.org will be deeply spiritual, compassionate and transformationally unique.

from the book “War and the Soul” by Edward Tick, PhD 

“In war, chaos overwhelms compassion, violence replaces cooperation, instinct replaces rationality, gut dominates mind.  When drenched in these conditions, the soul is DISFIGURED and can become lost for life.  What is called soul loss is an extreme psychospiritual condition beyond what psychologist commonly called dislocation.   It is fare more that psychic numbing or separation of mind from body.  It is a removal of the center of experience from the living body without completely snapping the connection.  In the presence of overwhelming life-threatening violence, the soul – the true self – flees.   The center of experience shifts; the body takes the impact of the trauma but does not register it as deeply as before.  With body and soul separated, a person is trapped in a limbo where past and present intermingle without differentiation or continuity. Nothings feels right until body and soul rejoin.” …

…”While the purpose of warfare today is primarily destructive, it still repeats the archetypal blueprint for initiation; it is still a rite of passage that takes participants from an immature to new self, ushering them through a kind of death and rebirth.  It may not provide us with a society of mature warriors, but it does leave us with a huge population of partially transformed survivors.  Post-taumatic stress disorder is a constellation of fixated experience, delayed growth, devastated character, interrupted initiation, and unsupported recovery. Many veterans who cannot get on with life are boy-men stuck in the psychic war zone, lost in an incomplete and horrific rite of passage.  They remain in a state of shock because of what they have seen and are terrified for their lives.   They struggle virtually alone, without a community to support their passage, without a mythic content into which to fit their personal story.   Though they may seek guidance and solace from their religions, they generally lack the benefits of divine visitation or ritual support afforded warriors in traditional societies. Many of their symptoms – lack of impulse control, confused sexuality, drug and alcohol abuse, intimacy and employment problems, emotional explosiveness, mistrust of authority, alienation – characterize adolescence  in our culture.  Many veterans with PTSD are, psychically, shell-shocked teenagers unable to enter adulthood with its demands and rules.  They have not figured out who they have become.  They cannot shape their new self into an identity that can give them inner order, strength, and meaning and help them find a place in society and the cosmos.”

Healing the Wounds of War


Our Approach

SupportVetsNow’s specific initiative and program strategy looks at how to most comprehensively, thoroughly and holistically address the multitude of issues facing both Veterans and their families as they return home to heal and reintegrate back into society as productive and caring human beings.

PHASE I:  Establish online and downloadable inspirational and empowerment resources for Veterans and their families.                                 Status: Accomplished.

PHASE II :  Decommissioned Military Bases (self-contained cities) are converted into support and empowerment centers for returning Veterans.  (a comprehensive description of this plan is available upon request) Status: Planning and Funding Phase.

The conversion of military bases into retreat and empowerment centers serves the primary purpose of creating a fully integrated support facility that assists Veterans with the short and long-term services required to reestablish themselves. In certain circumstances these same facilities may prove beneficial to, what appears to be, a growing homeless Veteran population.  Specifically, it is not the intent to provide long-term homeless shelter or residence; although the status of homeless vets is in part a result of an inadequate support system for Vets to successfully reintegrate into the civilian job market and society.  The program, however, will have the flexibility to adapt from short term (e.g., weeks) to longer term (e.g., several months) support as it is determined necessary to assist a specific Vet to successfully integrate into civilian life.  None will be left behind.  We will support all Veterans.

SupportVetsNow will take a very holistically comprehensive approach in addressing the reintegration of Veterans back into society.  Specifically we will be addressing issues of PTSD,  personal development/empowerment/self-esteem, family relationships and budgetary planning, job training and career planning, resume preparation, interview training skills and the actual engagement of the Veteran back into successful civilian employment.

Our Team

Steve speaking at Zeitgiest Media Fest 2014  Steve Robertson is the Founder and CEO of SupportVetsNow.org

Steve Robertson is a former professional motocross racer turned Fortune 500 sales executive (computer process control industry),  philosopher, entrepreneur, philanthropist and global peace event and concert producer. He is the Founder and CEO of ProjectPeaceOnEarth.org (PPOE) and SupportVetsNow.org.

On Christmas Day (12.25.11) from Bethlehem Palestine, Robertson brought his cumulative sales, marketing, production experience and acclaimed list of musical Grammy winning talent to produce the first annual worldwide Project Peace On Earth concert, a global musical prayer for peace which was broadcast to almost 80 million homes worldwide.  Major sponsorship for the concert was secured through: UNDP, The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, The Palestinian Government, The Bethlehem Convention Palace/CCC, VisitPalestine.com and the Ambassador Hotel of Jerusalem.  

In November of 2011, just before the Bethlehem peace concert, Robertson and its advisory board member John Quigley, coordinated the production of a large aerial art piece of 1000 Palestinian refugee children who formed the image of the Picasso Peace Dove and the words Love All, directly under the Mount of Temptation in Jericho.  The image was taken and filmed aerially and went around the globe.  In September of 2012 the United Nations selected the Picasso Peace Dove / Love All image (out of some 800,000 images) as one of the most iconic images in its history.

In September of 2010, Robertson lead a medical mission, with famed eye surgeon Paul Dougherty, to Palestine which delivered the restoration of eye sight (40 free cataract surgeries) to elderly people.  Michael Garcia, former VP of Development for HBO traveled with the Medical Mission to film a documentary called “Visions of Peace.”

Robertson has enrolled the Project Peace on Earth board consists of many of today’s top and conscious leaders in Music, Film, TV, Dance, Mobile Phone, Advertising, Humanitarian Outreach, Physics, Medicine, Higher Education, Transformational Authors, Fine Art, Yoga, Global Exploration and Entertainment industry producers.

  Dr. Edward Tick, is considered a world leader in understanding and working with Veterans to address and help heal PTSD for over 33 years.  He is was recently selected by the military to be the lead educator and guiding mentor for some 2000 Army Chaplians in regards to supporting returning Vets.    Ed is the founder of a SoldiersHeart.org  which provides guided retreats and counseling for returning Veterans.  He is the author of the groundbreaking book “War and the Soul”.  Edward  is a practicing psychotherapist specializing in veterans with PTSD who received his master’s in psychology from Goddard College, Vermont and his doctorate in communication from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY. Ed has been in private psychotherapy practice since 1975 and began focusing on veteran’s issues in 1979. His pioneering work with Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or, in his words, ‘loss of the soul’, is the basis for his recent book “War and the Soul”. He continues his healing work with veterans and other trauma survivors with innovative yet time-honored methods. Ed has extensively studied both classical Greek and Native American traditions and successfully integrates their methods into modern clinical work. A widely published writer, he is also the author of “The Golden Tortoise: Journeys in Viet Nam”, “Sacred Mountain: Encounters of the Vietnam Beast”, and “The Practice of Dream Healing: Bringing Ancient Greek Mysteries into Modern Medicine”.
   Dr. Larry Dossey,  is a former Vietnam Battalion field surgeon.  He is a physician of internal medicine and former Chief of Staff of Medical City Dallas Hospital. He received his M.D. degree from Southwestern Medical School (Dallas), and trained in internal medicine at Parkland and the VA hospitals in Dallas. Dossey has lectured at medical schools and hospitals throughout the United States and abroad. In 1988 he delivered the annual Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Lecture in New Delhi, India, the only physician ever invited to do so. He is the author of 10 books dealing with consciousness, spirituality, and healing, including the New York Times bestseller HEALING WORDS: THE POWER OF PRAYER AND THE PRACTICE OF MEDICINE, most recently THE POWER OF PREMONITIONS. Dr. Dossey is the former co-chairman of the Panel on Mind/Body Interventions, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, National Institutes of Health. He is the executive editor of the peer-reviewed journal EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing. Dr. Dossey lectures around the world. He lives in Santa Fe with his wife Barbara, who is a nurse-consultant and the author of several award-winning books.  

 VICTOR S. WAHBY, MD, Ph.D., FACP.  Dr. Victor Wahby is the former Director of Special Projects at the VHA (Veterans Health Administration) Office of Communications.


Prior to that Dr. Wahby was Director of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Office of Veterans Health Communications (OVHC). OVHC was responsible for conducting and coordinating projects that involve Direct-to-Customer (DTC) or, as is it is applied to VHA, Direct-To-Veteran (DTV) or Direct-to-Patient (DTP) communications. These communications related to clinical issues, the medical care of Veterans, and other healthcare matters and benefits important to Veterans, their families and all Americans. OVHC initiatives included the communications components of the HealthierUS Veterans Campaign for Fitness, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles, Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention, Safe Driving, and other campaigns. OVHC’s work received many national recognitions and awards.

Dr. Wahby‘s US career began in 1977 by residency and endocrine fellowship training at the Mayo Clinic and Mayo Graduate School of Medicine in Rochester, MN. Following that, Dr. Wahby was on faculty at the Yale Medical School and conducted research in psychoendocrinology at the VA Medical Center in West Haven, CT. There, he produced many publications and presentations on mind-body interactions, particularly on hormonal changes in depression and other illnesses. He subsequently became the Associate Chief of Staff for Education at the VA Medical Center in North Chicago, IL. In 1989, Dr. Wahby joined VHA’s Office of Academic Affairs in Washington, DC, as Associate Director of its Affiliated Residency Programs Service. Subsequently, as Deputy and later Acting Director of that Service, Dr. Wahby was in charge of administering VHA’s residency training budget of over $300 million annually, and its affiliations with 103 US medical schools. In 1997, Dr. Wahby was appointed Director of the VHA Office of Special Projects, which became the Office of Veterans Health Communications in 2004.

Dr. Wahby’s career prior to coming to the USA included obtaining his medical diploma from the historic Alexandria Medical School in his native Egypt, a Ph.D. in Integrated Medical Sciences (Major: Biochemistry) from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, and clinical training at the Royal Postgraduate School of Medicine at Hammersmith, England. Dr. Wahby is an author of many scientific and lay articles, a conference speaker, panelist, and moderator. In his spare time, Dr. Wahby is an award-winning musical composer and symphony orchestra conductor of the Medical Musical Group, now considered the premier such group in the world.

 Les Lo Baugh, Partner, Los Angeles Law Firm  – He has been called by the leadership of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the most “influential, important and anonymous Native lawyer in America”.  Mr. Lobaugh drafted the Endangered Species Act, followed by the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act which in turn led to the formation of the EPA; all of which took place during the Nixon administration.  Literally millions of animals, plants and fishes can attribute their survival as specific species to the protection given to them by the federal statutes initiated by Mr. Lobaugh.  He was an intern with US Senator Alan Cranston when the California legislator took notice of Lobaugh’s concern over the imminent extinction of the bald eagle. He challenged the young Navajo man to do something about the issue rather than simply give in to despair.  Lobaugh came up with the idea of giving federal protection to all endangered species through federal legislation which Cranston guided through Congress before it was signed into law by President Richard Nixon.

Over his more than 30 year career, Les has continued his work in alternative energy, energy, corporate and environmental law. He also counsels clients in regulatory, merger and acquisitions, climate change, endangered species, alternative energy, carbon capture and sequestration, carbon trading, CEQA/NEPA matters, and other environmental and energy issues. He began his career working in the U.S. Senate drafting environmental legislation such as the Endangered Species Act, Clean Air 1970, Clean Water, Noise Abatement, and Off-Short Drilling. For fifteen years his practice was exclusively trial work, both civil and agency. The Los Angeles Bar Association, Corporate Section, named Les “Corporate Counsel of the Year.” Super Lawyers Magazine recently featured Les in its 2010 Edition.

Marnie LoBaugh, Ph.D – Psychologist and Humanitarian






Henry Lozano is Presidential/Gubernatorial Appointee.  He is a non-profit executive and grassroots organizer. His years of public service culminated in his post at the White House as Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of USA Freedom Corps.[1][2] On August 10, 2011, he was appointed to serve as the Director of Los Angeles County Teen Challenge and Urban Ministries Initiatives.[3]

Mr. Lozano was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to serve the California cabinet office, California Volunteers, as a Commissioner and presently continues to serve in this capacity for Governor Edmund G. Brown in 2010 – Present.

Mr. Lozano is a national leader in Native American communities and serves on the board of directors for White Bison, Inc. 1992 – Present; and has served as a National Advisor to the Founder and Executive Director of the United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc. since 1994; and became a member of the Board of Trustees in July 2014. Mr. Lozano has been a national trainer and keynote speaker for University of Oklahoma American Indian Institute in

1997 – 2003. Mr. Lozano was named Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of USA Freedom Corps on September 11, 2007. As Director of USA Freedom Corps, Mr. Lozano was charged with implementing President Bush’s vision for volunteerism and service in America. Echoing the President’s Call to serve, this launched the initiative in his 2002 State of the Union.

Mr. Lozano worked to promote and expand opportunities for Americans looking to service causes greater than themselves.

Mr. Lozano was appointed by President George W. Bush and confirmed by the Senate to serve on the board of directors for the Corporation for National and Community Service from 2003 to 2007. Mr. Lozano was appointed by George W. Bush as Co-Chair of the President’s Advisory Commission on Drug-Free Communities serving the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Director John P. Walters in 2001 – 2003.

Mr. Lozano was appointed by President William J. Clinton to the President’s Advisory Commission on Drug-Free Communities serving the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Director General Barry McCaffery in 1998 – 2001.

The leadership of My Life My Power (https://www.mylifemypower.org) an International 501(c) 3 Organization, joined Henry C. Lozano as Co-Founders of the International Red Ribbon Movement (http://www.internationalredribbonmovement.org/) that launched on

October 14, 2015 in four states simultaneously, Texas, Arizona, Florida and California. The International Red Ribbonmovement also has support from Japan, Korea and Africa.

  Dr. Jack Kornfield trained as a Buddhist monk in the monasteries of Thailand, India and Burma. He has taught meditation internationally since 1974 and is one of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist mindfulness practice to the West.  Then he joined the Peace Corps and was assigned to the Public Health Service in northeast Thailand, which is home to several of the world’s oldest Buddhist forest monasteries. He met and studied under the Buddhist master Ven. Ajahn Chah, as well as the Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma. After returning to the United States, Jack co-founded the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, with fellow meditation teachers Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein. He is also a founding teacher of the Spirit Rock Center in Woodacre, California, where he currently lives and teaches. Over the years, Jack has taught in centers and universities worldwide, led International Buddhist Teacher meetings with the Dalai Lama and worked with many of the great teachers of our time. He holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is a husband, father and an activist.

His books have been translated into 20 languages and sold more than a million copies. They include, A Wise Heart: A Guide to the Universal Teachings of Buddhist Psychology, A Path with Heart; After the Ecstasy, the Laundry; Teachings of the Buddha; Seeking the Heart of Wisdom; Living Dharma; A Still Forest Pool; Stories of the Spirit, Stories of the Heart; Buddha’s Little Instruction Book; The Art of Forgiveness, Lovingkindness and Peace and his most recent book, Bringing Home the Dharma: Awakening Right Where You Are.

 Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition.After completing her Master’s degree, Caroline co-founded Stillpoint Publishing and headed the editorial department, producing an average of ten books a year in the field of human consciousness and holistic health. Simultaneously Caroline refined her skills as a medical intuitive, with the assistance of C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., a Harvard-trained neurosurgeon.  Caroline developed the field of Energy Anatomy, a science that correlates specific emotional; psychological; physical; spiritual stress patterns with diseases. Her research proved so accurate that it became the subject matter of a book co-written by Caroline and Norm: THE CREATION OF HEALTH.In 1996, Caroline released ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT, a New York Times bestseller that has been published in 28 languages and has sold over 1.5 million copies. Through the investigation of the underlying reasons why people sabotage their healing processes, Caroline identified a syndrome she calls “woundology,” characterized by a person’s reliance on the power of illness for manipulation of his or her world, as opposed to attaining an independent, empowered state of health. As with her other seminal research, this syndrome is now a recognized psychological condition. Her third book, WHY PEOPLE DON’T HEAL AND HOW THEY CAN, became another New York Times bestseller.Caroline Myss, Ph.D.; national best selling author “Anatomy of the Spirit”.

  Alexander W. Astin, Ph.D – Professor Emerita of Higher Education.  Founder, Higher Education Research Institute, UCLA. Considered the most widely quoted authority on the subject of Higher Education.  Recent co-author of the book “Cultivating The Spirit” – published research finding of a seven year study on 112,000 college students and 60,000 faculty members at 236 universities on the importance of integrating spiritual development in the university/college curriculums.  Alexander (Sandy) is considered one of the world’s most widely quoted authorities on the subject of Higher Education.

 Lindsay Wagner – Emmy Award Winning and Golden Globe winning actress famed for her role as the Bionic Woman in the famed TV series.  She was the first female TV superhero.  Lindsay is a humanitarian and spent time with returning Vietnam Veterans helping them to reenter society.  For 25 years she has been the Honorary Chair for the Inter Agency Council for Child Abuse and Neglect.  She is a Oneness Meditation Blessing Practitioner.

  George Langworthy produced, and directed the award-winning documentary – Vanishing of the Bees, which was narrated by Golden Globe and Academy Award nominated actress Helen Page.  The film was translated into fifteen languages and broadcast worldwide. Focusing on everyday solutions, the documentary has inspired audiences to help protect bees, care for our environment and bring our agricultural landscape back into harmony with nature. In his twenty year career, George has produced, directed and filmed documentaries about the teenage environmental group Generation Earth, Holistic Therapies for AIDS, 16th Century Philosopher Giordano Bruno, and live performances of bands like the White Stripes, Train and Devo. As a Cinematographer, his work has been seen on ABC’s 20/20, PBS, The BBC and The Discovery Channel. He brings passion, curiosity and creativity to his work as a filmmaker and strives to engage the minds of his audience as well as touch their heart. 

He is also the director/producer of the upcoming documentary film called a “Soldier’s Field” http://www.soldiersfieldmovie.com/SF/home.html which tells the inspiring story of war veterans rising from homelessness and severe PTSD to run their own organic farms. 

Relative to SupportVetsNow.org’s  larger Phase II plan, that of purchasing and converting a decommissioned military base into a sustainable empowerment center for returning Vets, George will play a key Advisory roll in working with Vets towards the establishment and development of a sustainable organic farm on the land that will generate a continual supply of vegetable produce for all living and working there.

   Ray Lynch is a multi-platinum selling composer and producer who is also considered one of the early iconic pioneers of inspirational instrumental music.  Ray is a classically trained composer and producer who began as a classical guitarist and lutenist.  He has won 3 Billboard Awards, written five albums (which included the renown “The Sky of Mind”, “No Blue Thing”, Nothing Above My Shoulders but the Evening” and “Deep Breakfast”), and sold over 2 million albums without the benefit of live performances or videos. His second album Deep Breakfast  became a classic and the first independently released album to be certified Gold and then later Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (R.I.A.A.).

Veterans letters to Ray Lynch

For more than a decade Ray has been fully engrossed in the passion of writing a book which explored the relationship of mathematics, music and Pythagorean tuning theory.   The book also explores ancient cosmology and mythology, the nature of number, metrology, geodesy, the mathematical constants of physics, human spirituality, the precession of the equinoxes, human prehistory, and the meaning of what we call “history.”

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