Who We Are  Our Steering Committee and Advisory Board consist of the world’s top experts and thought leaders in addressing the healing process of PTSD and the honoring rite of passage back into society of our returning Veterans.

What We Understand

Soldiers on Cruches  Female Veteran Homeless Veterans

Our nation has reached a critical point with regards to supporting our returning Veterans  in a comprehensive, thoughtful and holistic manner

As U.S. Military personnel are increasingly withdrawn from war zones and leave active duty tens of thousands of our citizens are faced with challenges of re-integrating into the civilian society in a manner that is effective and empowers them to find meaningful civilian employment, communities and family.  These brave young men and women deserve our support. Many of these Vets will have been re-deployed multiple times. The experience of war in distant countries always affects participants. Some will return with suffering from injuries, physical or psychological. All will have been separated from family and community for extensive periods. They may also have left former civilian employment behind while in the service. Returning to civilian life and being able to successfully integrate into civilian social, family and economic life presents many challenges. Today’s employers are the first generation, in general,  to not have served in the military.   As a result, they are unaware of the psychological trauma’s that returning Veterans face in their daily experience of interacting with our world.   Sadly, the evidence is growing that some 22 Veterans commit suicide every day and a significant number of the homeless in our major cities are former Veterans. We must do a better ! 
The approach of will be deeply spiritual, compassionate and transformationally unique.
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